How To Get A Man To Think About You (NONSTOP)


If you’re on his mind, then you’re doing well in the relationship.
Learn how to flirt and win his heart:

0:53 Number one, leave him wanting more. One thing I always remember when Jessica and I first started dating is that we’d go on a first date or a second date, or even more like our fifth date, and she’d always kind of end things earlier than I wanted. She’d always be like, “Okay, great. “It was great seeing you, “but I gotta go.” And I’d always be like wait, no, I want to hang out more. And then I remember other dates that I’ve been on, long, long time ago back when I was single, geez, it feels like a long time now, but when you go on a date and be like an eight hour date and at the end you almost like have nothing else to talk about. And when you leave that date you’re thinking, are we going to have any ground to cover on date number two?

1:36 Number two, stay mysterious on the first couple dates. You do not have to tell him your entire life story on that first date. Leave some stuff for later. And maybe he even asks you a very specific question on a first date; you can always say, “Look, let’s keep that for the second date.” It’s a bold move, but I like it.

1:50 Number three is don’t be what I call an instatexter. We all live in a world of instant gratification. We think of a woman, text her, and she responds. Let him think of you, text you and then you respond. Give it a little time. And the way to give it a little time is to get a life. Make things happen. If you want him to be thinking about you, you have to be going and doing interesting things with your life. You can’t be sitting at home, watching Netflix, eating Ben & Jerry’s every single night during that time. Like, go pick up a new hobby. Go figure out rock climbing. Do something fun that you’ve never done before with your girlfriends. Whatever it is, I don’t care what it is, fill that time with something else other than you sitting at your phone, counting down the moments until you can respond to his initial text, got it?

2:40 Number four, poke fun of him a little bit. When you tease him, just even a little bit, he’s always going to be wondering in the back of his mind like is she into me or what’s going on here? And if he’s always kind of wondering where he stands with you, then he’s going to be thinking about you a lot and thinking about how he can get you to like him.

3:00 And number five is be authentic. Authenticity is strangely missing nowadays. And remember, you can’t fake authenticity. And when you’re being authentic and being real and being the kinda goofy, awkward person that you might be and I certainly am whenever I go and meet new people, it’s okay if you do something embarrassing or dumb. Remember, it’s cool, and sometimes the very fact that you did something embarrassing and sumb is going to make him like you even more.

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