Will He Commit? See Which of These 4 Relationships You Have… (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)


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I truly think this is one of the most important concepts I’ve ever talked about.

Look, no one ever sets out to spend their life alone or waste time stuck in relationship limbo.

It happens slowly, almost imperceptibly, one ignored red flag and one dropped standard at a time.

Yet every single day, I meet a woman who is consumed with remorse for the precious time she can’t get back. Days, months, even years that added up as she just WAITED and HOPED it would all work out.

But you can’t GAMBLE your happiness on chance and hope.

The lie we’re told is that life will be a fairy tale all on its own. It won’t.

The truth is, we CAN have the fairy tale, but we’re responsible for creating it. 🏰

Stop WAITING for a man to come save you and give you your happily ever after. Stop gambling with your happiness. Stop hoping things will magically change on their own.

Take control of your happily ever after. Please watch this video. I can’t wait to read your thoughts in the comments below!

The live coaching moment in this video was included with permission from The Elvis Duran Show.

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