3 Steps To Turning Friends With Benefits Into A Relationship


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CAN friends with benefits fall in love? I’ve been asked that by so many of my female coaching clients, so I wanted to address the topic here.

But first, let’s define friends with benefits: two single people have sex with one another, with no strings attached. Also known as FWB.

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Here’s how to figure out if your FWB situation could be more.

1:00 Step #1: Realize That You’re Not Actually “Friends”

I know it’s got the word “friends” built right into the title, but your friends with benefits really isn’t a friend. In a friends with benefits situation, one or both people are being used.

And that might be cool; if you’re using each other to fulfill your sexual needs and everyone’s happy, then keep things status quo.

But if he’s there for sex and you’re looking for something more, which I’m guessing you do since you’re here reading this, then it’s time to shift his mindset about the status of your situation and move on to step two.

1:30 Step #2: Stop Giving Him the Benefits. Be Willing to Lose Him

Get out of the bedroom and out doing something new together.

Now look, you don’t need to go cold turkey here and never sleep with him again, but I do suggest changing the context of how you hang out.

Does he only text you to hang at night for a quickie? Be busy, then suggest lunch the next day.

Does he always take off first thing in the morning after you’ve slept together? Suggest going for brunch or a morning walk instead.

If you make these suggestions that shift where and how you spend time together, you will quickly see whether this FWB situation could turn into something more than just sex.

However, realize that if he only wants sex, you pulling back from it or suggesting datelike get-togethers may cause you to lose the connection altogether if he’s not down with that change of plans. If he’s a commitment-phobe, he may run, so be prepared.

2:00 Step #3: Let Him See You in a New Light

He may have no clue you’re into yoga. Share it with him!

Up until now, this man has been able to get the benefit of having sex with you without putting too much effort into it. He has seen you as a certain type of person (someone he’s physically attracted to but feels only friendly toward)…and now it’s time to open his eyes to what’s in front of him.

It’s time to change something about yourself so that he sees you in a different way.

Maybe you get those red highlights you’ve been thinking about…

I wish I could give you a more conclusive answer to the question, “can friends with benefits fall in love?”

It can be exceedingly difficult to change the status of an FWB situation if he’s become used to you being just a hookup and nothing more. If, after trying the techniques I discuss in this article and video, you’re not getting the sense that he’s interested in expanding your relationship romantically, it might be time to end the benefits portion of your friendship. Otherwise you will continue to have strong feelings for him that he will probably never return. Ending it can save you heartbreak later.

And if you are the type of woman who ties emotion to sex easily, and you are looking for a relationship, you might do better to avoid these FWB situations entirely and focus on getting to know a person emotionally FIRST, before getting to know him sexually.

You won’t have to worry about having feelings for a man you’re sleeping with…because you had those feelings before you started sleeping with him!

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