Is your water-based lube safe?


This video about water-based lubricant safety is sponsored by Nécessaire. All of the views and opinions about lubricants in this video are mine.
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My hope is that you can take some of all of the suggestions I make in this video to determine if a product is safe or safer and avoid harmful ingredients. This not only lowers your risk for cancer, neurological problems, and toxicity, it sends the message to companies of all kinds that manufacturing body-safe products is valuable.
In this video I describe my experience talking with the FDA, researching each ingredient in the lube, and trying it out on various parts of my body once I determined it was easily removable and health conscious. I tried it on my arm, labia, inside my vagina, and on my anus. I also put some in my mouth, and evaluated the lube’s quality by stroking two phalluses one with a condom and one without. Other tests that would have been fun to show might have been showing that it doesn’t stain fabrics and how to measure pH. (I could only find pH strips for fish tanks, spas, and urine testing). I will stay curious.

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