7 signs of a cheating husband – or boyfriend!


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7 Signs Of A Cheating Husband – And What To Do About It!

If you find yourself suspicious and looking for signs of a cheating husband, it can devastate you. It leaves you obsessed with knowing the truth.

And you should want to know the truth!

Suspecting he might be cheating is not a pleasant thing to discover. But you also have to know that the truth is important. If you don’t know what’s going on, you could be caught off guard. And possibly even humiliated later on.

Knowledge is power.

In this video, we’re going to go over 7 signs of a cheating husband. And to be truthful, all of these could be used as signs of a cheating boyfriend, too.

Let’s start with a few rules to get started. These will help you deal with the situation:

FIRST: Do No Harm!

The first rule of resolving your situation is to absolutely KEEP CALM.

The biggest mistake I see people make when they suspect there are signs of a cheating husband is that they jump to a conclusion and proceed to corner their partner and start a long, painful argument. You have to take your time and know that – if you’re wrong – you don’t want to take a chance at destroying the trust in your relationship.

And even if you’re right, a direct accusation will engage his “talk my way out of it” skills. He could convincingly cast doubt on your observations.

SECOND: Allow For Error!

You can’t be sure your husband has been fooling around on you until you’ve had a chance to really investigate and know for certain what’s going on.

If you have a tendency to believe every sign means your relationship is threatened, you have to look at that perspective first. Otherwise you’ll just go round and round like this with every man you date. And he won’t want to keep riding the merry-go-round with you for too long.

Make sure you are seeing the facts clearly.

THIRD: Allow For Being RIGHT…!

One danger of seeing a sign of a cheating husband is that you may be convinced (by him, usually) that it’s not what you think it is. Even if it IS a sign and he IS cheating!

You have to be willing to trust yourself. Ultimately, you may even have to make a decision without knowing for certain if he’s seeing someone else. That could be scary, which is why we’re going over all these signs.

I’ve seen a lot of people get convinced that their partner was cheating (based on clear evidence), but then proceed to get brainwashed into thinking they were “imagining things” by that partner. You might even help with the brainwashing because you don’t WANT the relationship to end.

We all WANT to see the other person as trustable and reliable. It’s always preferred over having to be wrong and then end the relationship.

But in order to look out for yourself, you have to TRUST yourself.

So let’s go on now with the:

7 Signs of a Cheating Husband…

Sign #1 Of A Cheating Husband: A Strange Change…

Has he become aloof? Distant? Hard to talk to?

Okay, he’s a guy. This happens all the time, right?

Sure, but if it just started happening, out of the blue, you’ve got a situation that needs attention.

He might be:

Distant – easy to notice in his eyes…

Quiet – isn’t talking much…

Aloof – almost avoids you as much as he can…

Lack of interest in anything about you (bored with you)

Reluctant to show affection – he avoids hugs & kisses and cuddling…
Unresponsive – you text or call, but all you get is crickets…

If the change is sudden and doesn’t seem to have an obvious cause, you should investigate. If he says there’s “nothing wrong,” you must watch for the behavior to change and reverse. If it’s just a mood thing, he should return to normal fairly quickly.

If it takes a long time – or he doesn’t go back to his old way of being, you should keep your eyes open.

Also, be sure to track yourself in how often you get anxious about distance in a relationship. Stop for a moment and close your eyes. Check out your emotions about feeling separated from him.

Do you frequently feel ignored?

Does that spike your adrenaline?

Are you getting anxious just thinking about it?

If you’re more prone to being scared of abandonment, be sure to reality-check your situation.

Sign #2 He Might Be Cheating: Sex got really…

For the rest – WATCH THE VIDEO!

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7 signs of a cheating husband

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