THIS Will Make Him Beg You For Commitment


I’m going to explain why and how to get him to beg you and only you for commitment. Make him commit to you and only you:

1:00 Here’s the deal. Have you ever heard the saying, why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free? If he is getting everything that he wants from you, both emotionally and physically but doesn’t have to commit to you, then honestly, why would he? So for starters, you have to stop giving him the milk, aka the sexual girlfriend experience, meaning that you will sleep with him, treat him like a boyfriend, make him nice dinners and give him everything that he want emotionally but you are not asking for anything in return, and you don’t have boundaries set for what this whole thing really is. You don’t give him any of that stuff until he makes the decision and he makes that decision to commit to you.

2:53 Well, the only way to do it is to stop giving him that milk for free, and then secondly, that being with you has to be better than being single. If when he’s with you, he’s getting support, he’s getting vulnerability, he’s getting sexual intimacy, he’s getting real connection, and he’s getting on overall great feeling when he’s with you, he will want to commit to you to be with you. On the other hand, if he’s with you and all he gets is nagging, he gets judgment, he gets complaints, he gets negativity about how you are never with him, he’s not going to commit to you.

Moving forward, I don’t want you to give any more ultimatums, I don’t want you to force the guy into committing to you, because of an external decision. I want him to make that internal decision on his own and if he doesn’t make that internal decision, you follow the advice in this video, that, you know what, it’s his loss, moving on. I want you to leave a comment right there below saying I deserve commitment. No more of this casual situation, set yourself up for an amazing life of an incredibly loving and healthy relationship, and if you enjoyed this video and you are sick of falling into this casual trap of finding guys who are only interested in the casual stuff, click the link in the description, click the link over there to learn how to find the right guy who’s gonna commit to you and only you:

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