What Men Consider AMAZING Sex (5 Tips to Pleasing Him)


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What Men Really Want in Bed…and How to Give it To Them

When you read about what men really want in bed, some things you will already know…and some things may come as a complete shock to you. Whatever your reaction, know that, with this newfound knowledge, you can give your guy exactly what he wants…even if he’s never told you directly.

1. He Wants Sex a LOT

Most men want sex more than you do. That may not come as much of a surprise to most of you.

Don’t fault us! Fault biology.

If you want to keep your man interested, try increasing how much sex you have. I promise you: it won’t be a hardship for you because you’ll totally enjoy physically and emotionally engaging with this guy you’re into.

2. He Wants Affection in Bed

You might think that wanting to cuddle and be close to your partner is a female-only thing, but that’s just a stereotype. Men, just like you, want to kiss, cuddle, and say sweet things during sex.

So don’t assume that you’re putting him off by being affectionate in the bedroom. Bask in that afterglow with him and let that time emotionally cement you two together.

3. He Wants Committed Sex

Love and sex don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

If you’re in the early stages of dating, don’t feel like if you have sex with a man, he won’t commit to you. That might be all the more appeal to draw him to you: sex with someone that he can fall for and build a relationship with!

4. He Wants to Cut to the Chase

He’s probably not into wining and dining you. He wants action!

Men tend to move faster than women when it comes to dancing around having sex.

What can you do about what men really want in bed when it comes to rushing the process? Try to find a balance. Give him the reassurance of knowing that you’re a sure thing…but let him know you’re worth waiting for. That will only make his anticipation build, and when you finally do have sex, it will be mind-blowing!

5. He Wants to Know What You Want

Don’t be shy about telling him what you like!

Knowing what one another wants sexually makes for beautiful emotional and physical intimacy. When you’re with someone that you trust enough to open up about what you want, you create a deep emotional connection.

If you’re not comfortable having a sitdown conversation about this, just tell him you like what he’s doing in the moment. If you want him to do something differently, tell him or direct him to something you prefer more.

6. He Wants You to Have an Orgasm

This man wants you to have an orgasm, trust me. Contrary to popular belief, most men aren’t into sex just for their own pleasure. Helping a woman orgasm can be arousing on its own and can make him feel like a burly man’s man.

Let him know when you do have an orgasm (or 10!). Not every man can tell when a woman has an orgasm, so he may need a little reassurance that he did well. Trust me: he’ll light up with pride when you tell him.

Now that you know more about what men really want in bed, tell our Sexy Confidence community what you’re going to try next! We’re all friends here. Leave a comment below.

I hope that this sexy topic helps you give your man what he wants and that it helps you strengthen your connection.

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