4 ways men trick women!


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4 Ways Men Trick Women (Instantly know if he’s a player!)

Guys have a bad reputation… Women think that men trick women all the time. And that most guys are players just trying to get some easy action.

The problem with this idea is that for you to buy into it, you have to believe that men don’t want emotional connection. AND that they would only stay with a woman if they were tricked or forced into it.

All of which is wrong.

Today, I’m going to explain the ways men trick women, but also let you know that it’s not intentional. In fact, most men would gladly give up their single bachelor lifestyle if they could find a woman that they can love and enjoy.

In fact, science has shown over the last several years just how inaccurate the common image of men actually is.

First of all, I want to explain how women have been tricked into thinking men are always trying to trick them.

What kind of person would randomly and recklessly run around meeting women, charming them, and taking them to bed? I’m sure you’d probably just call this kind of guy a “player.”

Some women might call him a “dog” or a “pig.” (Apparently farm animals are used frequently to explain this kind of bad boy.)

And he doesn’t even have to try to just trick you into bed. Some guys just want to trick you into a date!

I’m sure you remember an ex-boyfriend or two in your early days that you looked back at and wondered: “What the hell did I see in him?”

Probably NOTHING. He just managed to sucker you into that first date or overnighter. And that was all it took to start up a relationship. You didn’t really have anything in common.

But you went along with this romance to see if it could lead anywhere. Inevitably, it didn’t.

But there are a few myths when it comes to men and their desires and drives.

Quickly – let’s break this down:

MYTH: Men only want to sleep with you…

This one is wrong simply because of its assumption – that men don’t commit.

Clearly guys do – every single day. They move in, get married, have kids… And they do all of this without having to be tortured and brainwashed.

So what gives? Why does it seem like guys need to be manipulated and played back just to get them to stop doing it to you?

Well first of all, guys don’t start out trying to trick women. However, men have a biological need that makes them do some pretty reckless and douchey things. That biological need is for s*x.

So why do guys feel they have to play games to get you into bed?

Well, the truth is that men will almost always try to sleep with you sooner than you would like.

And women will almost always try to keep him from seducing her for as long as possible.

This is the “tug-of-war of love.”

It’s been like this since time began. You can see it in humans, and you can even see this dynamic in animals of nearly every species.

The guy does the chasing and the showing off…
The girl does the choosing.
And it’s a good system. This method of testing and proving ensures that at least one side (the female) gets to make sure it’s a good match. And that she doesn’t wind up with a baby and no dad to take care of them. (Yeah, things are different financially these days, but it’s only changed significantly in the last 60 years or so.)

Some would say that this is a trick of evolutionary biology – making sure that only the fittest survive.

Whatever the cause is, it’s pretty obvious that men are…

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4 ways men trick women

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