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How to make your husband or boyfriend happy – 7 Tips…

You might find it interesting to know that both women AND men have a natural focus on making their partner happy. It’s a very powerful motivation that we all carry.

I believe that – deep inside – we all want to make our partners/girlfriends/boyfriends/lovers/wives/husbands happy.

It’s the proverbial gift that keeps on giving…
It raises the balance in our trust and love bank account…
It gives us a sense of place and purpose in the relationship – knowing we have value…
You may think that all a man needs in a relationship is sex to make him happy… The truth is far more complicated.

A man needs to have that (as we’ll discuss) – but he also needs a lot of other things as well.

Men have emotional needs that most women don’t have any clue about. I blame a modern world that doesn’t value men as it once did.

When a man has his emotional AND sexual needs met, he’s yours forever. Plain and simple.

He’ll worship you and put you up on a pedestal…
He’ll want to pay it back to you…
He’ll cherish you…
And all it takes is to know how to make him happy.

Read on as we explore these 7 simple steps to make your man happy…

Make Your Man Happy – 1) Put your phone away…

If there’s one thing a guy doesn’t want to do it’s feel like he’s less important to you than whoever you’re checking in on Facebook… or the most recent incoming text.

Phone addiction is a very real thing these days.

I see it all the time, nearly everywhere I go:

Couples at dinner gazing lovingly … at their phones
Making yummy goo goo eyes at their… phones
Paying close attention to every word … that comes up on their screen
I’m being a bit cheeky there, but you get my point. If it were 20 years ago, I could have ended all those sentences “with each other.” But now we’re more in love with our phones than with our partners.

Before you poo-poo me on that and say, “NO way, Carlos!” –

Take a few seconds today to watch for how many people are sitting there staring at their phone screens instead of their boyfriend or girlfriend… or instead of just enjoying the day.

It’s very distressing to witness it for yourself. And the only reason more people don’t see it is because … they’re staring at their own phones!

I’ll bet that you’ve held conversations with him where you were only half-there, texting someone as you “mm-hmm” him. You might think he’s okay with that, but he’s really not.

So do him the immense respect of putting your phone away when you’re talking or connecting with him. If he’s talking with you and you have to do something urgent on your phone, explain it to him. Don’t assume he knows what’s going on.

And yeah, you might even want to point out your new behavior to him so he sees what you’re doing. Might as well make sure those points go up on the scoreboard.

Speaking as a man, I’m very concerned when I can’t get the attention of my wife because she’s busy texting away.

Make Your Boyfriend Happy – 2) Give him the props…

One thing men want – besides simple respect – is to know that he’s valued and appreciated. This is one of his primary “languages” of love.

You can’t go wrong by letting him know you value him and appreciate him.

Part of valuing him is encouraging him. You have to know how to lift him up when he’s low.

A lot of guys look to their relationship as a source of energy to keep going when things get difficult. Now, a man might not say this directly, but that’s what he wants from you.

He needs your love to fuel him up!

Men are often said to have “fragile egos.” While this is not entirely true, it is important to know that men can be lifted up or torn down by a woman. She can make or break him with the support she gives.

Women that provoke a man’s insecurities often find themselves in an angry, volatile relationship. And yes, some women do this on purpose to manipulate men.

Make him feel SECURE in your relationship.

“Men feel threatened easily, so he wants to know you are there for him…” – Carlos Cavallo

The bottom line is that if you want to have a happy relationship, you need to …

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How to make your man happy

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