How to Stop Being Jealous (It’s DESTROYING Your Relationships)


Jealousy can make you do crazy things. WATCH PART 2:

They don’t call it the Green-Eyed Monster for nothing. But let’s keep the cray out of your relationship, ok?

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Learning how to stop being jealous could save your relationship.

How to STOP Being Jealous Tip 1. Recognize It’s a Problem

Is being jealous a recurring pattern for you? Do an inventory of past relationships to figure out if that’s the case. Were you anxious with past boyfriends, or is this completely new with this one?

If you see a pattern of you erupting every time any man you’ve been with talks to a woman, then the issue is yours.

How to STOP Being Jealous Tip 2. Look At Your Relationship From a Different Perspective

If you were him, how would you feel?

You may be shocked to realize that this guy probably won’t put up with your erratic behavior much longer, which should be all the inspiration you need to work on how to stop being jealous.

How to STOP Being Jealous Tip 3. Try to Figure Out the True Cause of Your Jealousy

Spend some time reflecting on what causes you to be jealous.

It may be caused, as I said earlier, by a history of loss, betrayal, or abandonment, either in a past relationship with a man or in your family. If your dad cheated on your mom, you may have trouble trusting men yourself. If you’ve been hurt, you may worry about being left again.

How to STOP Being Jealous Tip 4. Remember: You’re a High-Value Woman. Act That Way.

It’s perfectly normal: we get jealous when we feel threatened. But it’s how you respond to that jealousy that makes all the difference in the world.

Jealousy can also come from a lack of self-confidence. This may be an area of your life that would be well worth investing a little energy into building up.

How to STOP Being Jealous Tip 5. Avoid Social Media Stalking

Researchers found that people who are prone to jealousy tend to monitor their partners’ Facebook activity more than others. The more they snooped, the more things they found suspicious…at least in their own heads. This made them spy, even more, creating a terrible cycle of jealousy.

Just stay away from your guy’s social media accounts, okay? If he had anything to hide, he certainly wouldn’t be blasting it for everyone to see, now would he?

If jealousy is controlling your life, it’s time to do something about it.

I know that jealousy can feel like a runaway train that you can’t control, but trust me: learning how to stop being jealous is completely within your control. It does take effort, though.

The first step is understanding that it’s a problem, and then diving into what’s causing it. I don’t know about you, but whenever I figure out some big thing about what makes me tick (or what makes me do certain bad habits), it feels like I’m more aligned with how I want to live in life. What I mean is: if you figure out what’s making you a crazy jealous monster, you can work on changing that and having a more healthy and meaningful relationship with the man you’re with.

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