5 Shocking Signs That He’s Cheating + What You Can Do About It


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Maybe he’s out late without explanation. Texting you less. Acting suspicious. Is he cheating on you?

There’s no gray area in my mind when it comes to cheating. If he’s dating — or even sleeping with — other women when he’s indicated that he’s committed to you, you can never trust him again. He may beg, plead, and apologize, but please believe me: you can’t change spots on a leopard. Taking back a man after finding all the signs a guy is cheating and having clear-cut evidence of it only tells him that it’s okay for him to continue his behavior.

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Signs He’s Cheating #1: He Admits it But…It’s Not a Bad Thing

If your boyfriend makes light of cheating in general or if, when you accuse him, blows it off, this is a red flag. Research on infidelity shows that men with indifferent attitudes about cheating may be more likely to actually cheat. Think about it: which of the following guys would you be more worried about cheating on you?

If you know he’s been hanging out with other women in a way that is not friends-only (and he’s been trying to hide it), there’s something wrong. But confronting him won’t get you far because he doesn’t think he’s doing anything bad. Rather than trying to fix him, move on.

Signs He’s Cheating #2: He Actually Tells You About the Other Woman

Why? Because cheating often happens with someone the guy knows, not a total stranger he hooks up with (though that’s possible too). Affairs often start out as emotional. This woman that he’s spending time with, either at work or socially, might make him feel attractive and confident. If you’ve been with him for a while, he might not be getting that same energy in your relationship. Yes, he totally should talk to you if he’s not getting what he needs in the relationship, but he might take the (seemingly) easy route by spending more time with that woman that gives him a boost of confidence.

If it’s someone you don’t know, say something like: you talk about Beth at work a lot. She sounds great. I’d love to meet her! See what his reaction is. If he’s suddenly squirrelly about getting these two ladies together, there’s something there.

Signs He’s Cheating #3: He Hides His Phone Screen

If he’s sneaky about what he’s doing on his phone, this is one of the signs that he is cheating on you, unfortunately. He’s not a CIA agent. What else could he be doing that he wanted to hide? Playing Simon’s Cat??

And if you find that you’re deliberately creeping up on him to see what he’s up to, the relationship is already over. You know what’s going on.

Signs He’s Cheating #4: You’re Not Connected…and He’s Not Trying

Consider how often you get a text or a call from him these days as compared to months ago. Has it dipped significantly? Maybe you used to get a morning check-in text from him daily and now you can’t remember the last time he sent one.

Or maybe you’re the one who always does the calling.

Maybe in person he just doesn’t try to connect. After a long day of work you would love it if he asked how your day was (the way he always used to) but when you get home, he’s playing video games with his brother and has made it clear that they don’t want to be disturbed.

Signs He’s Cheating #5: He’s Super Defensive and Argumentative

It seems like every little thing sets him off, particularly when you ask him questions about his life, his activities, and his feelings. It’s hard because women seek to get closer to their mates when things seem off…and at the same time, this makes men pull away. So you continue to prod and he continues to retreat.

There’s no winning here.

He may be arguing more because he knows he’s a dog and feels guilty about it, so he’s trying to tell himself that he’s justified because you keep asking questions!! How dare you?

Or he may be trying to push you away so it doesn’t come to you finding out that he’s cheating. Either way, you can’t make a cornered dog less defensive.

Talk to me, ladies. What signs that he is cheating have you come across? How did you handle it? Leave a comment below.

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